For foreigners

Staying in a foreign country does not always have to be associated with unawareness of legal regulations and notorious obstacles while trying to legalize your residence and employment.

Our Advisory Office offers support and consultancy to all foreigners who intend to come to Poland, as well as for foreigners who are currently staying in Poland and would like to extend their residence and employment. We care about finding the best solution for you.

The scope of activity of the Advisory Office includes, among others:

  • Complete service in employment and residence legalization,
  • Obtaining the declaration confirming the intention to employ a foreigner,
  • Obtaining the work permit,
  • Receiving the Residence Card with access to the labor market,
  • Obtaining a 500+ benefit,
  • Support in obtaining a benefit to cover living costs in Poland,
  • Getting PESEL (Personal Identity Number) and NIP (Taxpayer Identification Number),
  • Support in setting up a business,
  • Obtaining the Polish Card,
  • Support in the process of granting Polish citizenship,
  • Support and representation when purchasing real estate or land in Poland,
  • Receiving invitation to obtain a visa for coming to Poland,
  • Support during the relocation and arrival of your family along with the legalization of their residence.

As a team of lawyers, we guarantee versatility and reliability in analyzing your status in Poland.