Temporary residence permit

In recent years the number of foreigners coming to Poland increased. Wishing to stay here longer, they decide to fill for the temporary resedence permit. With this permit they can work, study and travel in Poland without any issues.  


In most situations foreigners apply for temporary resedince permit because they want to work or study here. There is also plenty cases when their family lives in Poland and foreigners want or need to stay here with them for a longer time. But that’s not the only cases when you can apply for temprary residence permit and you need to remember that every situation is considered individually. 

For how long?

The validation of the permit can’t be longer than 3 years. You can’t extend temporary residence permit, if you want to stay longer here, you have to apply for a new residence card before the last one expire. But if you don’t want to stay longer in Poland then you need to leave the country while your permit is still valid.


First you need to pay to the provincial office 340pln if you want only temporary residence permit or 440pln, if you want temorary residence and work permit. If you use a help of the proxy, then you need to pay 17pln to the city hall. Lastly if you will get positive response, you have to pay 50 pln for your resident card.