If you came to Poland after 31 december 2021 you can use tax allowence. Thanks to they your cash income will be free from taxes.

Income free of taxes

People who will bring their residence to Poland and also will meet another criteria have a chance that their income won’t be covered with taxes. Tax won’t pay a person whose work is based on:

  • Contract of emloyment
  • Contract of manda
  • Income from business taxed according to the tax scale, flat tax, 5% rate or lump sum

Criteria for tax allowance

  • Has polish citizens, pole’s card or citizens European Union, European Economic Area and Switzerland
  • They lived for 3 years without any break in the area of EU, EEA, Switzerland, Australia, Chile, Israel, Japan, Canada, Mexico, New Zeland, Korea, Great Britan, North Ireland or United States of America
  • For 5 years they lived in Poland, then they moved for 3 full years and decided to came back to Poland. They have certificate of residence or any other prove documenting place of living for tax purpose.

For how long?   

You can use tac allowance for 4  full years without any break or distribution. You can choose if you want to use this since the begining of the year you came back to Poland or the begining of the next year.


If you ever used any of the tax allowance, full or part you can’t fill for this one.