Marriage with an Egypt citizen


What is the procedure for getting married to an Egyptian citizen on the territory of the Republic of Poland? What problems can you encounter when trying to legalize your relationship with an Egyptian citizen in Poland? What formal requirements must be met in order to live your happily ever after?



It is worth mentioning that only Polish citizens can get married in the Polish embassy itself. Therefore, in order to enter into a relationship that will be legally respected in Poland, it must be concluded at the Registry Office. This is because no bilateral agreement between Poland and Egypt provides for mutual recognition of a religious marriage certificate.

From a practical point of view, the most diffcult thing for the spouses-to-be is obtaining an assurance that there are no marital obstacles. A valuable comment in this regard may be the fact that in a situation where one of the future spouses is in Poland and the other in Egypt - each of them may submit such an assurance to the head of the Registry Office in their country. It is not necessary for the assurances to be made exclusively in Poland. However, it should be borne in mind that they are valid only for a period of six months, so the wedding must take place on the day on which the assurances of both spouses remain effective.



To enter into a valid marriage with an Egyptian citizen in the territory of the Republic of Poland, you need:

  • a valid travel document of the foreigner
  • a complete copy of the birth certificate (original with a sworn translation)
  • in the case of a widow or widower - an abridged copy of the spouse's death certificate
  • in the case of a divorced person - an abridged copy of the marriage certificate with an annotation about the divorce or a final court judgment adjudicating a divorce
  • a foreigner who intends to contract a marriage in Poland must submit a written assurance to the head of the Registry Office that he does not know about the existence of circumstances preventing marriage and submit a document stating that, in accordance with the applicable law, he / she may do so, unless pursuant to the provisions of the Private International Law Act, the foreigner's ability to marry is assessed on the basis of Polish law.

It is worth mentioning that Egypt is one of the countries that do not issue the above-mentioned documents confirming the matrimonial capacity of their citizens. Therefore, in order to obtain such a certificate, one should apply to the competent district court, which, at the request of a foreigner, may exempt him from submitting such a document in non-litigious proceedings.



We are aware that obtaining all the documents required to marry an Egyptian citizen in Poland involves many formalities on the part of the foreigner. As a Law Firm, we offer comprehensive services and legal assistance in obtaining the necessary documents. Depending on the needs and expectations, legal aid may cover:

  • legal consultation (advice);
  • contact and legal representation before registry offices and consulates;
  • professional and comprehensive service of the procedure of legalizing a marriage with an Egyptian citizen on the territory of the Republic of Poland, along with the preparation of all necessary documents.


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