How legally hire foreigner in Poland?

Developing economy is showing the shortcomings in Polish labor market. The needs of specialists in different fields increases. Unfortunately the employer can’t always find needed employees in Poland. Because of this employer will search in different places, other than Poland. In this case it’s important to legalize his work.

The weight of everything is on employer. Finding out what possibilities of legalization in individual case. It’s really important to check which nationality is foreigner, because in European Union, European Economic Area and Switzerland the way of employing the foreigner from this places is different than in the other countries.

Citizens European Union, European Economic Area and Switzerland.

Citizens of countries in this area are treated the same way as polish citizens. They can work in Poland without any permits. They just need to register they residence after 3 months.

Citizens of other countries.

Foreigner from the country outside the EU/EEA/Switzerland can work in Poland if they meet following conditions:

  • they have Schengen or country visa with work permit included.
  • They have:
    • Permit to work in Poland
    • Statement about entrusting job entered in the register of declaration
    • Permit to seasonal work